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Finding Latest Posts

Posted: Thu, Jul 05 2007 9:57 am
by Tom Supergan
One of the more useful time savers is being able to see new posts you haven't read yet. There are several methods you can use to help you do this.
  1. Go to the index page and look at the icons along the left of forum names. Forums with topics that have unread posts will have a special icon (e.g., yellow highlights). Similarly when you click on a forum and view the topic list, the icons will be different for topics with unread posts.
  2. On topic listing pages, on the right side of the page under the "Last Post" column, clicking on the tiny icon to the right of the author's name will go straight to the last post in that topic.

    If you have set the default post ordering to list posts with latest on top, you may want to jump to the first post instead. To do that, click on the same looking icon next to the topic's author (on left or center, depending on style).
  3. Whenever you first log on to the blog, click the "View new posts" link near the upper right of the Index page. This will show you a list of topics with new posts added since the last time you logged in.
  4. The styles have been modified that enables you to "View unread posts" from forum and topic listing pages. This will show you a list of topics you haven't looked at since posts were added.
  5. Click the "View active topics" link on the index page and choose a time frame to see what topics were posting to within that time.
  6. Use Advanced Search and put an asterisk (*) in the Author field, then select a time limiter like "7 days" in the "Limit results to previous:" menu. Click the "Search" button and you'll see the first part of all the posts created in that time period. Using this method actually gives you a listing of the actual posts, not just a list of topics like the above methods do. Take the time to learn this method as it may become the most useful to find what you are looking for.
  7. Click the "Subscribe topic" link under the NewTopic button on topics pages. Also click on all the forums you want to track and click on the "Subscribe forum" link to track new topics. This will send you a link to the post in an email (if you configured it in "User Control Panel") whenever someone posts to that topic or starts a new topic in that forum.

Changing Display Order of Posts

Posted: Sat, Aug 08 2009 10:32 am
by Judy
Tom can you post these where the newest info is at the top instead of at the bottom?

Re: Changing Display Order of Posts

Posted: Sat, Aug 08 2009 11:36 am
by Tom Supergan
Judy wrote:Tom can you post these where the newest info is at the top instead of at the bottom?
You can control the order that topics and posts are listed for yourself. I went in and changed it for you in case it's too complicated to understand.

To change the listing of posts with the latest posts displayed first (on top):

Option 1: To sort an individual topic:
  1. Scroll to the bottom of the page. The line underneath the last post gives you sorting options.
  2. Select from the last pulldown menu "Descending."
  3. Click the "Go" button.
Option 2: To have every topic default to display latest posts first (on top):
  1. Go to your "User Control Panel" (link in upper right of page).
  2. Select "Board Preferences" (under "Options" on left of page).
  3. Select "Edit display options" (under "Board Preferences").
  4. Select "Descending" in pulldown menu (last option on right side of page).
You may frequently want to jump straight to the first or last post, without having to scroll once you enter the topic. On the topic listing pages, there are small icons that link to those posts, so click those.
Useful links to know
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