The Observer: Introduction

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The Observer: Introduction

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The Observer chosen for this anomaly began with some apprehension. Others that have tried to observe similar anomalies have never been heard from since their entrance into the anomalies.

There is no better way to make observations than to actually become what is to be observed. It is such a fantastic experience that some Observers become addicted to being the observed, rather than staying objective and detached as every scientist should.

Addiction is what most people believe happens to those Observers who never return. The professional Observers don't quite buy that simple explanation because deep down they always know who they really are, and it is their duty to all to return and report their observations.

The Observer began his task by studying the anomaly. He absorbed it into his being. He started feeling sensations never experienced before, so he knew he would have a hard time describing these sensations to others in his report on his return. He tried sorting out these myriad, conflicting sensations by sticking to just one sensation at a time until he could give it some meaning and move on to the next sensation. He felt located somehow, as if there were limits, yet infinite limits at the same time. He recalled in his observer training that this is similar to the theory of "position by dimensions." He tested this hypothesis out by being in n-th dimensions. Nothing seemed to apply so he reduced the number of dimensions by an order of magnitude. Still no results. He reduced his hypothetical location even further, down to even a thousand dimensions--still no results. He tried as low as 100 dimensions--no luck. He went even further--10 dimensions. Oh, this was too limiting to be of any practical use. Nonetheless, he knew he had to prove that this could not be a place of "position by dimension" by testing all possibilities, however remote. The leader would frown on any slackness in observations.

With a sigh, the Observer numbly went through the routine of trying every possibility to the end. On he continued, testing 9 dimensions, then 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Wait a minute. Something occurred in the lowest dimension ranges. He went back up from one. Yes, there does at least seem to be existence of one dimension here. Almost as valuable as no dimensions at all. He tried two dimensions. He was amazed. There actually existed lower dimensions, but no higher orders. He went on to test for a third dimension. It existed, too. He wondered if he was too hasty in his testing of the higher levels, but decided to continue progressing one dimension at a time, since it has been working so far. He tested for a fourth dimension, and it didn't exist! This has never been reported to have been observed before. The other Observers are going to be tough to convince of this.

Well, so this anomaly has three dimensions. They seem to be constant throughout the anomaly. Good. Something concrete to report. Now how do they correlate? Seems to build from an infinite number of first dimensions to make up a second dimension. An infinite number of second dimensions make up the third dimension. How tidy. That'll be simple enough to report.

Now why does it stop there? Let's try an infinite number of third dimensions--wait, something occurred. Interesting. Minute particles of energy exist here. These are well known to exist in other places, reported by a number of other Observers. In beginning to stack up an infinite number of third dimensions, the Observer noticed a change occurring inside the lower three dimensions. The energy particles were relocating in minutely tiny jumps from one third dimension to the next third dimension. Placing these third dimensions back to back, there was an easily observable transition from location to location in a continuous, almost linear fashion. At least linear from the point of view of a stationary Observer. When the Observer went from one third dimension to the next, taking the same tiny jumps as an observed particle, it appeared that the observed particle was not moving at all.

So there may exist further dimensions yet, but so far it looked like there would probably be very few.

Taking a step back from observing these tiny principles, the Observer took in the whole of the anomaly. He noticed forms the particles were taking on, sort of in gobs and swirls. Most groups appeared to be moving away from each other, but the groups were staying together in relatively the same form, though fluid at the same time. Overall, this anomaly was almost completely void, except for the first three dimensions which seemed to be relatively constant, with only slight irregularities.

He looked closer at the swirls and noticed that they were made up small masses. Inspecting even further, these masses emitted energy waves, but the waves were actually emanating from the tiny particles making up the masses. These masses were very circular, its shape determined by a force felt throughout this anomaly, but got much stronger as one approached masses of particles. These circular masses are made up of tiny particles, and those are made up from even smaller particles. Finally, the lowest level of particle seems to be energy confined to a very limited space. Once released from the space, it moves at a constant rate for an infinite distance, or until it gets trapped again to a tiny, confined location. The Observer noticed the similarity of locations being relative to the observer. Anything is stationary and in a "constant" location based on its surrounding moving at the same rate in the same direction. Anything truly stationary sees everything else in great motion. When one matches any of the motions, it appears to then be stationary with everything else in motion.

Looking out from one of the circular masses, he noticed small glows reflecting energy back to its source. He went to observe this new type of particle to include his findings in his report. The closer one was pretty much inert rock. The next one out was similar, but had diffuse particles surrounding the rock.

The third reflector out was again similar, but had yet a third type of density change. On the inside it was dense, but fluid, then solid rock, then surface fluid in most places, and finally the diffuse particles surrounding the entire reflector. It also has a secondary reflector similar to the first reflector out from the energy dissipater.

There were larger reflectors in the distance, but this reflector was intriguing for the time being. There was some motion here, not as much as in the energy dissipater, but there seemed to be an exchange of sorts amongst the fluids. The internal, dense fluid up-welled to increase the outer, diffuse particle layer. This outer layer had densities at the lower levels that would collect escaping particles from the surface fluid, then dump the fluid back onto the surface. Towards the poles of this slowly spinning particle the fluid even solidified, and the densities near the surface would dump tiny solid particles back to the surface. It appears that one form of particles here takes on three entirely different characteristics, yet remains the same form. Such intricacies! This appears to be a very stable, yet delicate system.

There is a pattern here. Three distance dimensions. First reflector out had one type of substance. Second reflector out had two main densities. Third reflector out has three primary densities. One of the forms takes on three different densities itself. The Observer hypothesized the same pattern on continuing on to the fourth reflector. Maybe now he can determine exactly how each dimension manifests itself by visiting each reflector in sequence out from the energy dissipater.

But for now, the Observer decided to make further observations here. He felt many new sensations here. Not nearly as strongly as the sensations were on the energy dissipater, but somehow more directed.

The surface fluid contained tiny forms that collected energy from the energy dissipater. Uh, oh. No, it can't be. The Observer knew he couldn't report this new discovery he was presently observing, they would never believe him. His credibility would be shot. But it was true--he was seeing it for himself. There are life forces here directing the capture of energy, and building the captured energy into masses which are further directed to take on certain forms to continue the process in various manners dependent on its form.

Then he sensed even larger forms. Yes, moving through the surface fluid in diverse locations, grouping together and some scattered about. Many different size ranges, but all relatively small compared to the reflector's size.

Observing areas without continuous surface fluid yielded a multitude of life forms, all restricted to an extremely thin strip on the surface of the reflector or within the surface fluid.

Some forms are even restricted to a single location on the surface, unable to move independently within the already restricted three dimensions, but able to transition from one third dimension into the next successfully, although still linearly. Other life forms were mobile. Independent from each other, but gathering and moving in groups, as the life forms in the surface fluid.

This was going to be extremely difficult to report. He must determine what this life force was and where it came from for his position as Observer to be maintained, let alone becoming a laughing stock for claiming there was life within this anomaly, but no proof of it.

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Continue book with Chapter 1: Life, or Lifeless?
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